“I smell winter” – Recommendations? “There’s a ch…

“I smell winter” – Recommendations?

“There’s a chill down my spine
But the weather is fine
I smell winter on his breath
I smell winter” (Housemartins)

I can tell winter is finally here: I got me three different brands of spice tea instead of a new package of Earl Grey (Kashmiri is the best).

Another sign is my taste in music turning all camp:
I like Eldissa‘s cover version of “Go West”
(here’s a download link, courtesy of ‘Copy, Right?’ blog:
Or the Mae Shi remix of Beck‘s “Que Onda Guera”
(downloadable from
‘Music For Robots’ blog: http://turbine.slackworks.com/robots/mark/que_onda_guero.mp3).
Oh, and another cover version:
Thunderbirs Are Now with “Xmas In Hollis”, originally by Run DMC
(downloadable here: http://www.suburbansprawlmusic.com/Audio/MP3/xmas02/Thunderbirds are Now – Christmas in Hollis.mp3).

And I got vegan gingerbread hearts to give to the guests of our
tonight 9pm @ K4 Nuernberg GER.

KILL ME TOMORROW (GSL) from San Diego melt (No) Wave, Postpunk and Dub to “Noir Wave”, a sound not too far away from Joy Division’s minimalism and the melancholic joy of experimentalism of Sonic Youth. (www.killmetomorrow.com)

Washington D.C.’s MEDICATIONS (ex- Faraquet, ex- Smart Went Crazy) have re-explored and re-interpreted the old Dischord sound since 2003. Unique guitar work, acrobatic bass lines, explosive percussion and breakneck rhythms wrestle with complex harmonies. (

THE LOCUST (Ipecac, Anti), the chaos core band par excellence comes back to play in Nuernberg once more. Tricky and aggressive, a musical amok run in insect costumes. (

more infos: www.musikverein-concerts.de
or become our myspace friend:

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The news about the ‘riots’ in Australia make me freeze. The racism within the attacks but also within most of the media coverage is blatant. Michael sums it up pretty good in his blog.

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