Too much boom, too less sophistication

Sorry to those who’ve been to Sophisticated Boom Boom in time: We had problems with the PA. I loved how all the people put on the moustaches! It sucked though that we were only able to start playing music at midnight. It kind of broke up the party, especially as after that it took us quite a while to get into a flow.There were lots of nice fun moments and lots of people didn’t care, but I do remember too many shitty situations and don’t want to go on with Sophisticated Boom Boom like that. I’m tired of people using the party as playground for their little ego-shows. I’m tired of people getting so drunk that they live in their own little worlds and are no longer able to recognise what they do to people around them. Being drunk is no excuse. We won’t play your babysitters anymore. I’m tired of verbal abuse, fights, police, every weekend etc. Of course I’m aware that that’s not just a Sophisticated Boom Boom problem but a problem of almost any party in town. I don’t care. I want our party to be different.
The thing is that Sophisticated Boom Boom meant to be a party with open doors and no securities as a sign that we trust people, as a sign that everybody is welcome, and that it’s not about making money. A party at which no one is made feel umcomfortable or treated with disrespect. There’s been a paradigm shift in the nightlife scene over the last couple of years and it seems like you really can’t do that anymore without either asking an entry fee or having security guards.

Ach, and by the way, as I came across it a few times lately: I’m really tired of oh-so-tough-assed kids giving people remarks in a “people over 30 suck” style, and I don’t give a damn if you exclude me cause I’m considered cool cause I’m the dj. Shove it. Most of the cool nights in town are made by people over 30 while some of you youngsters just seem to care about boozing your little brains away every weekend, instead of getting involved and of bringing your own thing on. I had always thought ageism wouldn’t be a problem in our scene but it seems that it is more prevalent than I thought and kills the fun for some people.

I want everyone to feel comfortable and safe and careless when I put up a club night. I don’t want to spend half the night running around worried.

The Sophisticated Boom Boom in May might be the last one. Right now I’m disappointed and feel like moving on, planning something new. I think by now I’d rather start from the scratch and put with the risk of having less guests than keep mending the old thing till it falls apart.

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