* I blog on evemassacre.de (in english) and breakingthewaves.de (in german)

* I am back doing a radio show at our independent community media Radio Z. It is called FUTURE CONTENT and you can read about it, get streaming links and playlists here.

* I am a DJ and artist.

* I give talks on web theory, social media, media, pop culture, music, feminism, queer politics.

* I prefer using my secret superpowers to connect people and to support community instead of making money. Still I need some money for living so feel free to offer me paid talks or writing or dj gigs. BUT: Please don’t be shy if it comes to asking me if you don’t have much money but need contributions / help. If I can find the time and find it interesting and worth supporting we might make it work anyhow.

* I put up shows, club nights, readings and more with the fabulous non-profit promoter collective ‘musikverein‘ – the love of my life.

* I host two club nights at Zentralcafé in Nuremberg: Orchid and less regularly: Sissy Bass.

* I design artwork.

* I was one of the editors of ‘Rebel Girl – Popkultur und Feminismus‘, a reader of texts by my dearly missed friend Tine Plesch (R.I.P.) (Ventil Verlag), published in september 2013.

* I sometimes write for testcard.

* The name: EVE MASSACRE is a nod to ‘the flamingo massacres’, my old band’s name, after a chapter of Irvine Welsh’s ‘Marabou Stork Nightmares’. It has been my web and artist name for so long that it has become more real than the one in my passport.


* I blogged and curated for www.socialmediawatchblog.org. We tried to make the flood of news about social media and society a bit more transparent for people.

* I have played in a few bands.

* I was part of the mash up community GYBO back when they still totally amazingly cool and called ‘bootleg mixes’

* I had several club nights in Nuremberg: Sophisticated Boom Boom, Nurotic Soundsytem, Kill The Poor, and more.

* I did radio for the independent community radio Radio Z for years (several shows: Castrop-Rauxel, Stoffwechsel, Akte XX, Audiopets…) and worked as music editor

* I was one of the people behind yotzine, a zine on music, d.i.y. culture and politics that we published bi-monthly in the 00s

* I wrote for testcard, plot and some other publications

* I have blogged a lot and have so far only once backed down and let myself be censored. I still regret it.

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