Waiting room

My life has turned into waiting. Again. I can do things, sure, I can write, there is some work I can do but what has been the main content of my life for so many years is in a pause position. Again. No concerts, no club nights, no live music events that bring people together. […]


#MakeAmazonPay and build alternatives. I’m all for the movement to support their workers and to make Amazon pay all kinds of taxes instead of doing some charity of their choice and at the same time I believe consumer shaming isn’t the way. Especially the ongoing pandemic season with lots of lost income and more need […]

RIP little car

RIP little car (?1997 – ⚰️2019) “I think that the 20th century reaches almost its purest expression on the highway. Here we see, all too clearly, the speed and violence of our age, its strange love affair with the machine and, conceivably, with its own death and destruction. What is the real significance in our […]

Kill All Normies – a problem of fascination

A german version of this post has been published here and tl;dr version will be published in print, in Analyse & Kritik. “this is not a book about the alt-right. It is an anti-Left polemic.” Jordy Cummings “‘the centre’ – as a proclaimed area of shared, sensible assumptions about the values, needs and possibilities of […]