I have a love for creating club nights, for being host and DJ, for having the whole creative process from artwork design to decoration and music selection in my hands. Musikverein, the promoter / friends collective that I am part of, is very supportive and gives me space to try out new ideas as well as lots of help. Location is Kantine, formerly it was Zentralcafé. I have no list of all my past club nights but some of the longer running favourites of mine were Nurotic Soundsystem and Sophisticated Boom Boom.

My regular nights now are (proper info texts will follow, this is just a quick notes version):


My long running indiedanceriotpopelectrobass queer night. Nuremberg had no proper underground LGBTI* night that served my tastes, so I started one myself. In-your-face queer, often with political queer culture sloganeering. Shameless pop, noisy punk, ageless house / techno – how a proper queer underground disco should be.

Sometimes with bookings, guests have ranged from JD Samson to Le1f


This is my night for far out bass club music. I have started it under the name SISSY BASS years ago with a focus on bass music, dubstep, grime, baile, beats, (instrumental) hiphop. Giving sissies a place to dance to angry and joyful music without being hassled by macho culture that was (is) pretty omnipresent in bass culture. When there were more and more subgenres popping up in progressive dance music and I felt like I wanted a night where I could take people on musical journeys that trace similarities and friendships from fragile melodic house to fierce grime, from dark deconstructed dance music to joyful sample pop, from krauty disco to futuristic electronic avantgarde I renamed it to DRAMA. I think of it as a celebration of anything-can-happen post-border, post-binary, post-authenticity music in a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere. A space for the curious.

Sometimes with bookings, guests have ranged from Kuedo to Mechatok.