“it’s so hard to look disinterested” RED EY…

“it’s so hard to look disinterested”

RED EYED LEGENDS: Mutual Insignificance (File 13)

As if any Chris Thomson band (Circus Lupus, Monorchid, Skull Kontrol) could be bad. Still this EP is way more thrilling than their RED EYED LEGENDS first EP (on GSL). This is beautifully art-damaged punk, powerful organ-ic noise rock with a sexy pissed off attitude. Thomson still has one of the best voices for punk I’ve ever heard, and it contrasts nicely with Kiki Yolan’s Farfisa-60s-pop-organ. Infectious and dancy and a great band name too.

Listen to “Cold in the Sun“.

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Not really new but great: Musicalbear, one of the few online zines I appreciate, have DJ/RUPTURE’s “Post Election Mix” up as mp3 and they wrote such a cool description of it that I’ll better shut up and simply give you the link. Actually I even prefer this mix to “Special Gunpowder”, his latest release.

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Oh, and a friend complained about the links in my blog not opening in a new window – should work now!! 🙂

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